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This is supposed to be a page about me. But I haven’t decided what to say about me yet. For reasons related to my job and maintaining my freedom of expression in a politically charged design world, it has so far suited my situation to keep the bricoleurbanism site anonymous. I may change my mind about that at some point, but for now, this will have to do.

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[…] I’m of two minds about this building actually. One side of me really appreciates the lengths they’ve gone to to reproduce an historical form that is none too common in the city and which (by virtue of “hiding” the garages round back) achieves some contemporary urban design objectives. The other side of my wonders how much money they must be selling them for given the location and the fact that they’re pretty much replacing two units where there may have been two before. Which also brings up the perpetual mysteries of real estate development economics – how can this be profitable given land values in the area? Why are small-scale apartments (even if they are condominium) seemingly so hard to develop in Toronto even where land prices are high? Lastly, I wonder if the area or street has some kind of zoning protection which effectively stops anything denser than this kind of development. But I’m too lazy to actually bother finding out, so I’ll leave it at that. If anyone knows any more about it, drop me a line. […]

Fascinating blog: Although based in Toronto, have been working on urban development policy and strategies in China since 1988. I have had an office in Shanghai since 1997, and have watched the massive shifts – both positive and negative – there for the last 22 years. Would be interested to sit down over a coffee or beer at some point; we are in the Bloor/St. George area.

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